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  • Avaya You guessed right, we were in #Workaholics! Now what phone was it? #PopCultureAvaya  Altro

    12.00 23 aprile

  • Avaya Our #UnifiedCommunications technology has helped us cut 8,678 tons of CO2; 7,113 forest acres worth. SHARE and LIKE if #collaboration...  Altro

    11.49 22 aprile

  • Avaya #EarthDay is tomorrow. LIKE and SHARE if collaboration software has cut your company’s CO2 emissions. Using a combination of our own...  Altro

    12.00 21 aprile

  • Avaya Can you guess the show we were in for this week's #PopCultureAvaya? You Could win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!  Altro

    9.00 21 aprile

  • Avaya We’ve used our own #UnifiedCommunications technology combined with a stricter travel policy to cut 44,265,627 miles of travel. LIKE and...  Altro

    15.00 20 aprile

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