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Smart Options for Intelligent Results
DevConnect members can choose the level of program benefits that best meets your needs, from these options.
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Developer Resources
A free DevConnect Registered Membership offers access to a wide range of technical resources, know-how and tools, enabling you to dramatically improve the value of your intelligent communications solutions.
As a Registered member, you'll have access to:
  • No-cost, downloadable Software Development Kits (SDKs), software libraries, and related technical documentation
  • Interoperability Notes from Avaya's Solution & Interoperability Test Lab to assist in deploying Avaya products in your environment
  • Step-by-step tutorials, in-depth training courses, and webinars
  • Technical Support including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and community-supported Forum Boards
  • Sample application source code
  • Simulators, Remote Labs, Evaluation Kits and Developer Editions of leading Avaya products
  • Developer conferences, podcasts, newsletters and other technical awareness programs
Whether you are exploring how Avaya technology can create opportunities for you, your company, or your customers, a free DevConnect membership provides you with the technical know-how and information to be successful.
Enhanced Membership Options
DevConnect offers the option to upgrade your Registered level membership and take advantage of more benefits from Avaya. Whether you are simply seeking additional technical support for your organization, or wish to build stronger go-to-market relationships through in-depth compliance testing, joint promotion and sales activities, DevConnect delivers exceptional value to take your business to the next level with Avaya.
Enhanced Membership Levels
Technology Partner
Upgrade your Registered Membership to Technology Partner, and you'll enjoy additional benefits including:
  • Enhanced Technical Support access to DevConnect Engineers on a wider range of Avaya platforms
  • Expanded remote lab options
  • Compliance Testing programs to improve the success of joint deployments
  • Avaya Learning Training discounts
  • Procurement discounts for development lab systems
  • Free company overview video posted to the Avaya DevConnect YouTube channel
  • Co-Marketing benefits, including advertising and sponsorship opportunities, channel awareness programs, and joint success stories
  • Opportunities to participate in technical beta programs, giving you early insight into next generation application development activities
Technology Partners are a critical element of Avaya's ecosystem, and proof of the open, interoperable nature of our solutions. If you develop commercial software or custom solutions for others, apply to become a Technology Partner and maximize the benefits of working with Avaya for yourself and your customers.
Support-enabled Membership
Anyone, from commercial software developers to Avaya customer IT organizations creating their own intelligent communications solutions, can benefit from upgrading to support-enabled membership option, which provides:
  • Enhanced Technical Support access to DevConnect Engineers on a wider range of Avaya platforms
  • Access to DevConnect Application Notes on available solutions from DevConnect Technology Partners
  • Opportunities to participate in technical beta programs
DevConnect members create smart, seamless solutions and a new generation of innovative, intelligent communications.
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