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Une expérience personnalisée unique pour vos invités : offrez une connexion permanente à vos invités et à votre personnel avec une technologie de communication intégrée

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Avaya Hospitality Guest Life Cycle [PDF]

29 Sep 2013
Avaya Hospitality Guest Life Cycle

Avaya Hospitality Overview [PDF]

29 Sep 2013
Avaya Hospitality Guest Life Cycle

Tablet and Smartphone based Hospitality Solution [PDF]

14 May 2012
Hospitality IP Phone Applications creating a memorable guest experience with personalized inroom phone services.

Avaya Hospitality Solutions [PDF]

15 Mar 2011
Whether you have one or multipleproperties, Avaya solutions can help you deliver a better guest experience while dramatically increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff.Moreover, these solutions can help lower your operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint and reinforce your profile as a green business.

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Avaya Hospitality Messaging Server 400 - Fact Sheet [PDF]

07 May 2012
Summary: The Avaya Hospitality Messaging Server (HMS) 400 provides a comprehensive, simple-to-use solution for both guest and staff messaging, as well as advanced communication features that provide hospitality businesses with better overall guest satisfaction, and operational efficiency. HMS 400 is available for Communication Manager and Communication Server 1000 deployments

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Top 4 Challenges Facing Hospitality [PDF]

07 May 2012
The top 4 challenges facing hospitality today and how an advanced communications architecture provides an optimized solution.

Enhancing Hospitality Operations and Guest Services [PDF]

07 May 2012
Learn four key ways that today’s new IP-based solutions can have a significant impact on hospitality - Mobility / Unifying Communications - Reservations / Call Coverage - Integration with the Property Management System (PMS) - Converged Infrastructure


Hotel of the Future [3:43]

17 Oct 2013
High end hotels and casinos are always in competition for clientele. This is how Avaya believes technology will be used to create the ultimate guest experience.

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