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Advanced communications offer great opportunities to conduct business in new ways. Expanded functionality and availability help your employees be more productive, provide your customers with new and exceptional service options, and deliver operational efficiencies. Use communications technology and applications effectively to drive productivity and growth in your organization, while mitigating your risk and reducing TCO for communications solutions.

Gaining the benefits of new technologies is not without challenges. You need to keep costs low, ensure that solutions are supporting business goals, and innovate with as little disruption as possible—all while trying to integrate legacy applications and upgrade disparate platforms.

Avaya Professional Services can help you transform your business with communications services ranging from initial planning and design consulting, to seamless implementation, to integration and ongoing optimization.

Your business environment continues to evolve and drives the need to regularly tune and adjust your network and applications. Many of our services are available as either a single, one-time engagement or as part of our Continuous Performance Services, where a service subscription gives you repeated, periodic access to professional analysis and guidance. No matter which you choose, Avaya helps ensure your business gets the most out of your communications investment.
Avaya Professional Services -  Communication Collaboration

The Value of Avaya Professional Services

Services To Accelerate Your ROI
Enable, optimize, and innovate using new capabilities or what’s already in place.

People You Can Count On
1,500 Avaya specialists, more than 1,000 industry certifications, more than 2,000 projects completed each month.

Coverage Where You Need It
A global services ecosystem of employees and partners in 37 countries.

Avaya Professional Services

Vea cómo los servicios profesionales de Avaya usan servicios de capacitación, optimización e innovación para ayudar a empresas a sacar el máximo provecho de sus soluciones de comunicación en tiempo real, ayudándoles de esta manera a desarrollar exitosamente sus estrategias de negocios.
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Continuous Performance Services

Avaya Continuous Performance Services are a new and highly flexible way to help ensure that your communication assets deliver peak performance and maximum ROI, Avaya Continuous Performance Services are ideal for businesses that want optimized performance assurance on an on-going basis.
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Siete tendencias que impulsan la eficiencia del contact center

Este nuevo documento técnico explora algunas de las tendencias clave que están transformando los contact centers, alineándose a las cambiantes expectativas del consumidor. También podrá a entender mejor cómo las organizaciones y sus contact centers pueden contribuir más eficazmente al incremento de ingresos y ganancias netas. Los modelos anteriores de call center deben abrir paso a nuevos modelos que logren producir resultados respecto a los objetivos de transformación esperados desde hace mucho tiempo, es decir, objetivos que ayuden al contact center a pasar de ser un centro de costos a un centro de rentabilidad.
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Más allá de la red troncal: La siguiente ola de la transformación SIP

Explore cómo el servicio de SIP trunking puede ayudar a las organizaciones a aprovechar la próxima ola de transformación del servicio de SIP: Mejorando la colaboración y optimizando la experiencia del cliente por medio de la integración de voz, video y comunicación de datos
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