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When you’re evolving to cloud networking, flexibility, speed, and scalability are vital in designing a successful Data Center that goes far beyond data storage.

For several years, networks have remained relatively static, so provisioning network connectivity has long been a painstaking, error-prone process. Virtualizing your data center or private cloud means giving an evolutionary leap for latest-generation switches and routers.

Finding the Right Cloud Networking Solution

Avaya’s Software-Defined Data Center framework offers a simplified and unified process for deploying cloud-based services. It now takes just minutes to complete processes that used to take weeks or months.

In your virtualized Data Center, you can easily combine, customize, and commission server, storage, and networking resources through a single, common interface. The Avaya framework leverages the open-source cloud operating system OpenStack to let you spin up virtual machines, assign storage, and configure networks—all through a single GUI. The result: you simplify and accelerate service delivery times.

What is Fabric Connect Technology?

Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA) Fabric Connect technology, is an end-to-end network virtualization capability, that sets the foundation for genuine private cloud networking. Avaya VENA Fabric Connect enhances the open source OpenStack environment by removing traditional restrictions and offering a dynamic, flexible, and scalable network service model.