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Improve the Patient Experience with Advanced Communications


Communications-Enabling Your EHR Solution [PDF]

02 Mar 2015
Advances in technology are bringing together information and processes from many different systems throughout the healthcare continuum. This is great news for healthcare providers! By adding real-time communications processes into the healthcare workflow, your organization will see immediate improvements that enhance revenues, lower costs, and allow for a whole new level of convenience, personalization, interaction, and wellness for the patients.

Patient Interaction Solutions [PDF]

12 Feb 2015
Patient Interaction solutions improve clinical productivity and enhance the patient experience by automating routine processes and expanding patient interaction outside the hospital

Video-Enabled Healthcare Solutions [PDF]

12 Feb 2015
Avaya video-enabled solutions allow for the faster roll out of high-quality, video-enabled services with minimal risk and disruption. Avaya solutions can improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience and help healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve profitability.

Avaya Healthcare Solutions [PDF]

31 Jan 2014
Avaya Healthcare Solutions brochure describing Avaya's solutions for healthcare and how those solutions help care teams collaborate, increase productivity, and drive better patient experiences.

Fact Sheets

Smart Healthcare - Smart Digital World Solutions [PDF]

31 May 2016
Improve the patient experience with integrated communications and instant access to health experts with Smart Healthcare.


Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments [1:05]

24 Jul 2015
Virtual Appointments showing Avaya capability to integrate our video solutions with healthcare provider patient portals for scheduling and initiating the virtual appointment.

White Papers

How Customer Experience Is Transforming Healthcare (And Will Continue To Inspire Change) [PDF]

09 Nov 2016
Healthcare technology is poised for explosive growth as organizations seeking to enable better population health management and embrace preventative care take action to support new apps and devices on their own networks and platforms. Already, technology trends that drive improved care experiences, empower individuals and support smart aftercare are making their mark. Here, we explore several ways this is playing out across the industry.

4 Imperatives for Mobile Medical Professionals

19 Feb 2016
Often medical professionals wonder why they cannot have ubiquitous access to information and technology. The answer is often that security and network constraints are the responsible roadblocks. Learn from this paper how addressing four critical technology elements can help free the mobile medical professional.

Clinical Segmentation “done right” with Avaya SDN Fx for Healthcare [PDF]

01 May 2015
Why wait until your environment is compromised and your patients are placed at risk? The Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare solution addresses today’s challenges today with a comprehensive and extensible end-to-end solution – a solution that was co-developed with healthcare providers for healthcare providers!

Leveraging Stealth Networking to Facilitate HIPAA-compliance

03 Feb 2015
Delivering and maintaining a converged HIPAA-compliant network can be dramatically simplified by leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect technology. Fabric Connect, based on IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging technology, sets the foundation for genuine private cloud networking, allowing for the versatile creation and deployment of stealth networking services, which facilitates HIPAA compliance.

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