Customer Sales and Services

Successful organizations evaluate and enhance the customer journey from end to end. They make their organizations relevant to the customer at each touch point and across all channels, finding new ways to upsell and cross sell, proactively notifying customers about important information, and quickly responding to the market to meet new demands. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to start a conversation about improving customer services and sales for your business.


Topline Growth

Turn Your Contact Center into a Revenue Generator
  • • Proactively Engage Customers in More Cross-Sells and Up-Sells
  • • Identify, Engage, and Close Opportunities via Any Channel
  • • Respond Effectively to Changes in Demand


Avaya Aura Experience Portal

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal

Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch
  • • Give Customers the Freedom to Choose
  • • Personalize Your Customer Interactions
  • • Upgrade Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure
Avaya Vantage™ Device

Avaya Vantage™ Device

Built for Simple, Instant, Seamless, Natural Engagement

Avaya Customer Connections

Customer Connections

Video, Web, and Social Media Customer Service Applications for the Contact Center

  • • Support Web, Video, and Social Media Customer Service
  • • Turn Agents into Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers
  • • Enrich Contact Between Customers and Agents
Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing Man With Phone

Intelligent Customer Routing

A Personalized Experience for Every Customer
  • • Give Customers a Superior User Experience
  • • Lower Deployment and Operating Costs
  • • Preserve Existing Investments
Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Contact

Create and Manage Outbound Campaigns and Customer Communications
  • • Deliver the Maximum Number of Live Calls to Your Agents
  • • Optimize Your Agents’ Time
  • • Increase Your Operational Productivity with Blending
Avaya Proactive Contact Predictive Dialing

Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Customer Service via Any Channel
  • • Add Mobile Campaigns that Complement Current Campaigns
  • • Deliver Valuable Information While Cutting Costs
  • • Collect Revenue Faster and Shrink Recovery Costs