Authentic Avaya

Authentic Avaya


Gray Market Products

Avaya's goal is to protect our customers and our authorized sales channels from the negative impact of non-authorized (Gray Market) products.  Avaya defines these products as not new because of product tampering, conversion, and original Avaya serial number removal.  Avaya products sold by non-authorized resellers are not warranted or supported by Avaya.

Customers considering purchasing equipment on the gray market are advised of the following points:

  • Gray market goods are often:

    • Tampered international versions that are not UL approved

    • Used equipment misrepresented as new

    • Stolen equipment

    • Equipment with the original Avaya serial number removed and replaced with a counterfeit

If your Avaya product or component was purchased from a non-authorized source, Avaya:

  • Cannot guarantee its authenticity

  • Provide certification

  • Include it in an Avaya maintenance contract
    If such a product causes a system failure, the failure is not covered by an Avaya warranty or an existing Avaya maintenance contract.

Unauthorized resellers have not been granted a license to distribute or to sublicense any of the Avaya proprietary products. Avaya’s software products are the proprietary intellectual property of Avaya and are protected under international, US federal and state intellectual property laws including for example, copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret laws. Since these unauthorized resellers have no contractual relationship with Avaya regarding our products or services, they are not authorized by Avaya to sell, install or distribute such products to customers and have no direct access to any support from Avaya or Avaya’s authorized resellers.

If you have any questions about gray market products or gray market incidents you would like to bring to our attention, contact the Avaya Sales Operations Channel Compliance Team at, or contact Bob Grant on his one-X Number +1 908 953 7437 (phone, fax, mobile, voicemail), or his one-X Mailbox (e-mail, voicemail, fax).


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