Ethernet Switches

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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

Ethernet Routing Switch 3000 Series

Enterprise-Class Features for Small to Midsize Businesses

  • Simple to Operate
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Set-Up for Avaya IP Office
Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series - Avaya Networking

Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

Intelligent Stacking for the Network Edge

  • Smooth Implementation
  • Solid Performance
  • Superior Energy Efficiency
Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Premium Stackable Chassis for the Network Edge

  • Improve Application Responsiveness
  • Versatile Deployment Options
  • Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
Avaya Virtual Services Platform

Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series

Edge Device for Fabrics, Multiple Services, and Multiple Tenants

  • Simplify Your Network with Fabric Connectivity
  • Deliver New Business Services Faster
  • Deploy One Technology for All Your Network Services
Avaya Virtual Services Platform7200 Series

Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series

Maximize the Performance of Your Applications

  • Maximize Application Performance
  • Revitalize Your Core
  • Automate Your Life Cycle
Avaya Virtualization Technologies Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Transition Your Network Core from Complex to Simple

  • Deliver More Of What Your Business Needs
  • Reduce Your Costs, From Day One
  • End the Network Waiting Game
Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000

Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series

Take Your Network and Applications to a New Level of Reliability

  • Evergreen Application Performance
  • Hardened and Resilient for Maximum Availability
  • Revolutionize Service Delivery