Virtual Services Platform 7000 Series

Boost the Performance of Your Applications and Improve Your Time to Service

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Get the Most Out of Your Business-critical Applications

  • Boost the performance of your business applications and significantly improve your service agility. Implementing a Distributed Top-of-Rack architecture empowers your applications to run at their best, and your IT staff to operate more efficiently. Building a distributed, high-performance backplane directly between server racks delivers an excellent solution for your distributed applications.
  • Solve many of your most pressing network challenges with one simple architectural change.
  • Drive the responsiveness and usability of your applications—without needing to touch them.
  • Realize substantial equipment savings by offloading vast quantities of unnecessary traffic from your network core.
  • Revolutionize your operations with groundbreaking service agility by leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect network-wide virtualization technology.

• Empower Next-Generation Applications

Reduce the latency of your critical server-to-server transactions by up to four times with the Distributed Top-of-Rack architecture.

• Slash Life Cycle Costs

Realize substantial capital savings when you implement the unique hardware architecture, and dramatically reduce your operational burden by leveraging the unique end-point provisioning capability.

• Change the Way that you Change

Use Fabric Connect to revolutionize the way that you manage change administration and execution. The zero-touch Core enables you to deliver real-time provisioning and genuine service agility.

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Always-On Networking

Keep your applications running, and your business productive, with a Fabric Connect network that delivers maximum uptime and availability. Leveraging its fault-tolerant, fast-failover characteristics, your network assumes higher levels of reliability and resiliency, and your people realize the benefit of always-on application access.

Maximize your application uptime by leveraging one or more of the Virtual Service Platform 7000’s flexible, interoperable technologies: Distributed Top-of-Rack, Fabric Connect, and Switch Cluster. All options enable you to build highly resilient solutions to fit your specific requirements.

Avaya Scalable Networking

Class-Leading Scalability

Scale-out your deployments with support for up to 500 Switches in a single, unified, logical system. Meshed with up to 280 Terabits per second of virtual backplane capacity, and capable of supporting up to 16,000 high-speed server connections, the Distributed Top-of-Rack technology delivers unparalleled connectivity and traffic handling capabilities to your compute environment.

Leverage this agile building block approach to realize extreme flexibility, with no hard-and-fast topology constraints. Your deployments can be small or large, and individual Switches interconnect easily with extended-reach cabling.

Migrate Virtual Machines With Avaya

Streamline Virtual Machine Mobility

Migrate Virtual Machines anywhere you need them to go—without the traditional limitations. Provision your network changes, and orchestrate these in concert with your server moves, with simplified end-point configuration—no need for you to touch the Core.

Automate your Virtual Machine migrations, whether this is between adjacent racks or between geographically dispersed Data Centers, through seamless integration with native or third-party orchestration solutions.

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One Platform—Multiple Deployment Options

Deliver network simplicity and agility where you need it. Deploy the Virtual Service Platform 7000 Series as a Top-of-Rack Switch for server virtualization or converged storage transport, at fiber aggregation points as a Distribution Switch, or as a small, fixed-format Core Switch.

Virtual Services Platform 7000 Implementation

Simplify Implementation and Management

Assess your needs, choose the Avaya technologies that work for you, select your deployment options, and then cable-up your Virtual Service Platform 7000 Series Switches. Save the deployment limitations and configuration burden of traditional Spine & Leaf solutions—no Spanning Tree designs, no endless lines of configuration. Build with the Distributed Top-of-Rack technology and you have unmatched simplicity and flexibility. Managing your Data Center Top-of-Rack becomes seamless.

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Benefits: Network Scalability, Reduce Cost, Increased Productivity
Topic: Virtualization
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See how Avaya is shaping a Smart Digital World

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