SDN Fx™ Healthcare

Your On Ramp to the Internet of Things for Healthcare

Get the Power and Protection of Network Segmentation

  • Use advanced network segmentation to reduce catastrophic breaches. SDN Fx™ Healthcare creates virtualized network segments that isolate users and medical devices from unauthorized access.
  • Automate onboarding of new medical devices. Once paired with a new type of networking adapter, a medical device is automatically assigned custom security and flow parameters that dynamically follow the device wherever it is connected on the network.
  • Manage inventory of thousands of medical devices. Addressing one of the greatest challenges to an Internet of Things healthcare model, the SDN Fx Healthcare management system provides the location and status of all on-boarded medical devices in the network.
  • Assign flow priority by device and traffic type. Avaya uses Software-Defined Networking to program and manage granular flows on a per-medical-device basis.
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• Deliver New Innovation Fast

Deploying thousands of innovative devices faster and more securely can seem nearly impossible. SDN Fx Healthcare provides the simplicity you need to automatically connect, help secure, and manage the ever-growing number of technologies available.

• Achieve Greater Efficiency and Lower Costs

The concept of the Internet of Things for Healthcare promises greater efficiency for medical professionals and supporting staff. Make it reality with SDN Fx Healthcare, which provides affordable, cost-effective infrastructure that reduces complexity and increases security.

• Focus Your IT Resources Strategically

IT organizations typically spend too much time performing manual tasks—known as “just keeping the lights on.” SDN Fx Healthcare lets IT organizations cut time spent on repetitive tasks and troubleshooting.

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4,000+ Healthcare Institutions use Avaya Solutions
How SDN Fx Healthcare Works with Advanced Network Segmentation

Stop Trading Off Rapid Device Deployment and Network Security

Digital healthcare organizations need to continuously launch innovative technologies delivered on a massive number of medical devices. Traditional networking infrastructures are nearly incapable of handling these thousands of devices—each with hundreds of models—in a secure way. Typically, healthcare organizations are forced to choose between slow adoption of new technology and adequate security. SDN Fx Healthcare is the industry’s first smart healthcare solution that automatically connects, helps secure, and manages IoT devices in healthcare organizations. 

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How SDN Fx Healthcare Works

Open Automation is the key to addressing speed of device implementation as well as network security. We use an Open Networking Adapter (ONA) running a Linux OS and Open vSwitch, and an SDN Controller running OpenDaylight. The ONA acts as an intelligent network node for the medical device. The ONA learns the device’s profile and flow assignments from the SDN controller, and when using Fabric Connect, automates network segmentation across the network core.

Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare Technology Solutions for Mobile Workers

Manage the Internet of Things for Healthcare in Your Organization

With Avaya, give your clinical technology review board the confidence to select the best technology available based on patient care, with no worry about network constraints. Get the ability to easily move devices because the network dynamically configures security profiles and flows. Add up the cost benefits of inventory tracking plus the improved efficiency of care staffs and IT organizations.

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It’s Time for Healthcare IT to Evolve with Software-Defined Networking

It’s Time for Healthcare IT to Evolve with Software-Defined Networking

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Explore How SDN Fx Healthcare Could Work in Your Network

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

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