Fabric Connect

Cut Networking Costs and Become More Nimble

A New Way to Build Networks

  • Move beyond network designs that are inefficient, vulnerable to outages, and complex to operate and manage. Forget about bottlenecks that slow the deployment of applications and services. Look ahead to an innovative way to design, operate and manage your network.
  • Simplify the network and reduce operational costs with Avaya Fabric Connect. It offers a future-proof foundation for today’s megatrends, including network virtualization, cloud, mobility, and video.
  • See faster time to service, better agility, better business continuity, and increased efficiency in your network. Avaya Fabric Connect’s enhanced implementation of the Shortest Path Bridging standard helps you achieve interoperability and create hybrid private/public clouds.

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• Be More Agile

Create a dynamic environment where new or changed services can be implemented on the fly—taking only minutes instead of days, weeks, or months.

• Eliminate Complexity

Cutting complex protocol overlays allows faster recovery times and simplified management and troubleshooting. Fabric Connect supports integrated Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services with a single next-generation technology.

• Improve Network Uptime

Never drop a VoIP call or lose a video call again. Gain sub-second recoveries for all Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services.

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San Jose Earthquakes

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Reduce Operating Costs with Network Fabric

Put money back in your pocket. This simplified network virtualization solution eliminates cumbersome manual tasks, reducing IT operating expenses. Labor costs can be reduced by 85% with 25 times less network provisioning for deploying services. High-priority change requests can be made easily at the network edge rather than during off hours. Plus, a single-technology network that reduces complex provisioning of protocol overlays simplifies management and troubleshooting.

Improve Time to Service

Turn up new services faster and conduct adds, moves, and changes on the fly—without risk.

  • Enable new services and changes to services at the edge only, eliminating the need to reconfigure the network core.

  • New services and changes to services are enabled at the Edge only, eliminating the need to reconfigure the network Core.

  • Reduce network provisioning by 25 times compared with traditional Ethernet-based networks.

Deploying Networks with Avaya Private Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy Your Next-Generation Network Today

Help ensure you have the right foundation to support the next wave of applications and mobile devices. Deploy a resilient private-cloud infrastructure with the flexibility to migrate to hybrid models over time. Massive service scalability (16 million unique services) helps ensure you can grow your network seamlessly. And with OpenStack cloud orchestration, Fabric Connect solves your SDN challenges today.

Holland Hall Readies for Safe Campus Environment

Benefits: Enhanced Collaboration, Network Scalability
Topics: Bring your Own Device (BYOD), Safe Schools, Video Surveillance, eLearning
Holland Hall
See how Avaya is shaping a Smart Digital World

See how Avaya is shaping a Smart Digital World

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