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Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN [PDF]

15 Sep 2016
Avaya has been ranked as an Innovator in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2016 Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Vendor Landscape. Avaya Networking was recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for “compelling offerings for BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT). Vendors recognized as Innovators demonstrate innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market.

Fabric Connect Customer Experience Research Report [PDF]

09 Feb 2015
This independent market research set out to investigate the impact Avaya Fabric Connect has had on its customer base. It shows that all key performance indicators have improved, but also that many common problems typically associated with running a network have actually been almost eradicated for some customers.


The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced IoT [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya has pioneered the concept of “network elasticity”, and is uniquely positioned – by virtue of differentiated technologies – to deliver solutions that make this a reality.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Mobility [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya creates unified access solutions that seamlessly integrate wireless with traditional access and the greater network. Featuring a holistic, cohesive approach to access control, and leveraging enterprise-class authentication and authorization capabilities, these solutions deliver what matters most: a high-quality experience, independent of the access technology.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Agility [PDF]

09 Mar 2016
With an Avaya Fabric Connect foundation, IT can dramatically revolutionize their ability to deliver agile services. By fundamentally changing the way that the network is built and operated, businesses can shift their focus from mundane, time-consuming maintenance to value-adding initiatives; re-directing precious skills to enhance the business’s operational efficiency and competitive capability.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Cyber Security [PDF]

04 Mar 2016
Avaya delivers businesses a smart alternative to the conventional, outdated techniques and technologies that are proving largely ineffective to digital-age threats. Solutions created using the Avaya SDN Fx™ Architecture leverage, at their foundation, a next-generation network virtualisation technology that naturally compartmentalises traffic.

Avaya Networking Solutions [PDF]

29 Jun 2015
Interactive Guide of Avaya Networking Solutions

Top 10 things you need to know about Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

05 Jun 2015
Avaya Fabric Connect is an industry unique solution that offers a number of characteristics that set it apart from competing offers. The Top 10 list will give you a sneak peek of the advantages Fabric Connect offers.

The Network That Adds Value [PDF]

19 Jan 2015
Avaya has created a new way of deploying and running networks, one that fundamentally transitions from traditional ‘cost center’ perception to that of ‘business enabler’, so that you can lower the cost of ownership and enhance returns.

Fact Sheets

Create Outstanding User Experiences with an All Avaya Solution [PDF]

26 Jan 2016
Avaya takes an application-first approach to networking. We call it Avaya on Avaya — integrated pre-tested solutions that accelerate time to service and resolve issues proactively through enhanced performance monitoring. Avaya on Avaya delivers a superior user experience and better value for IT

Complementing Avaya Fabric Connect with Senetas Encryption [PDF]

13 Nov 2015
An integrated Avaya-Senetas solution achieves high levels of protection for the extended network, and is relevant beyond simply the Data Center.

Establishing a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Foundation [PDF]

11 Apr 2015
Avaya's Fabric Connect next-generation networking solution leverage standards-based technology to provide an inherently strong and more secure infrastructure that can provide the basis for a network that supports PCI compliance.

Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 [PDF]

11 Dec 2013
Data Sheet for the Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series. The ERS 8800 Series is a resilient, flexible and scalable solution that delivers network virtualization, exceptional value per port and one of the industry's highest 10 Gigabit Ethernet densities per module/rack. Customers making strategic investments in their campus LAN infrastructure can rely on the ERS 8800 Series to create flexible solutions that match their business evolution.

Avaya and IPv6

14 Dec 2012
Avaya is committed to the implementation of IPv6 in its products and has been supporting IPv6 for many years.


Avaya Fabric Connect [3:47]

05 Jan 2015
Avaya Fabric Connect is at work now in companies worldwide, simplifying networks, maximizing agility and efficiency, delivering more network value, and lowering costs. Based on advanced shortest path bridging, Avaya Fabric Connect is the next-generation, networking technology of tomorrow. Put it to work in your business, today.

Stackable Ethernet Routing Switches Portfolio [4:55]

16 Oct 2013
Avaya's Stackable Ethernet Routing Switches portfolio consists of the ERS 3500, ERS 4000, and ERS 5000 Series product lines.

Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 [5:27]

14 Oct 2013
The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 is a resilient, flexible and scalable solution that delivers network virtualization, exceptional value per port and one of the industry's highest 10G densities per module/rack.

White Papers

The New World Of Network Security [PDF]

02 Sep 2016
This whitepaper offers a roadmap for implementing smart, multilevel security capabilities to simplify access control, overcome inherent vulnerabilities in the IP protocol and enable new levels of network segmentation and isolation

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

22 Mar 2016
At Avaya, we’ve done extensive research on network outages—why they happen, how long they typically last, and how they can be avoided. We’ve found there’s a better than 1-in-3 chance that your last network outage could have been prevented. Learn simple yet effective methods to prevent costly total outages: here are five critical best practices you can take to institute a policy of prevention.

The Business of Speed

10 Jun 2015
Avaya SDN Fx™ Architecture can. A lengthy change cycle isn’t necessary every time your network needs an update. Find out how to move your IT staff from routine maintenance to innovative, business critical initiatives that enhance operational efficiency. With an Avaya Fabric Connect foundation, run your network at business speed.

Avaya Next-Generation Network Fabric Technology - Fabric Connect [PDF]

15 Apr 2015
By creating one contiguous, end-to-end Fabric, Avaya is empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of infrastructure productivity, service agility, and network dependability, the very essence of the fast, flexible, and more secure design aspirations.

Leveraging Stealth Networking to Facilitate Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliance [PDF]

15 Apr 2015
The effort to deliver and maintain a converged network that supports Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance can be dramatically simplified by leveraging the Avaya Fabric Connect technology to create and deliver stealthy networking services.

The New World of IP Multicasting [PDF]

15 Apr 2015
To overcome the limitations in current IP multicasting technologies, Avaya developed IP Multicast over Fabric Connect—to deliver new levels of performance, scalability and resiliency to IP multicasting. IP Multicast over Fabric Connect is an enhanced implementation of the IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) standard (802.1aq) and IETF RFCC 6329 standards - and a natural extension of Avaya Fabric Connect.

Avaya Fabric Connect: Metzler's Perspective [PDF]

21 Jan 2015
Avaya Fabric Connect supports a wide range of network functionality, and it can serve as a unified backbone technology not only in the Data Center, but also in the Campus network, the metropolitan area network, and even a private Ethernet WAN. This white paper, published by the Analyst firm, Ashton, Metzler, & Associates, provides a look at the technology behind Avaya Fabric Connect, the benefits it offers and a call to action for those looking to dramatically reduce the complexity of their networks.

The Software-Defined Data Center is Key to IT-as-a-Service [PDF]

20 Jan 2015
This paper, authored by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, discusses how the Software-Defined Data Center is Key to IT-as-a-Service; This paper concludes with some recommendations for companies looking to use this as a key point of competitive differentiation.

The Network is Critical to IP Surveillance [PDF]

29 May 2014
This paper by Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, discusses the growth of IP video surveillance, the challenges today’s networks face in deploying the solution, the optimal network requirements needed to deploy IP video surveillance, and presents recommendations for companies looking to implement the solution.

Distribution of Globally Routable IPv6 over Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

12 Dec 2012
This document provides an overview of a proven solution for the distribution of globally routable IPv6 Addresses, leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect. Fabric Connect is Avaya's next-generation networking protocol; an enhanced implementation of the standardized Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technology.

Integrating VXLAN with Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

24 Aug 2012
VMware's VXLAN and Avaya's SPB-based Fabric Connect complementary; and when used together they can help businesses build agile, scalable environments that enhance the total value proposition of highly virtualized next-generation infrastructures, combining fully orchestrated computing and networking.

A Unified Network for the Mobile Era [PDF]

13 Aug 2012
As the enterprise WLAN becomes the network of choice for employees and associates, networks are expected to support an increasing number of real-time applications, such as voice and video communications. Enterprises should address the expectations of their increasingly mobile workforce with an intelligent, easily managed network that is truly unified and smart enough to deliver services rapidly and seamlessly.

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