Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

Versatility and Reliability for the Network Core

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Dependability Is Crucial for the Core of Your Network

  • Achieve always-on networking solutions and high-density connectivity to the core of the network. Our Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series features hot-swappable modules, redundant fans, and power supplies. And delivers rock-solid network reliability.
  • Support next-generation capabilities with true end-to-end reliability and always-on application access.
  • Choose from a range of models to suit your connectivity requirements.

• Versatile Deployment

Support device and network virtualization, IP-VPNs, and multi-tenancy architectures.

• Optimize Wireless LANs and BYOD Environments

Offload data flows from mobile devices and directly integrate them into the high-performance LAN.

• Add Performance as You Need It

Protect your investment with field-programmable hardware that lets you add performance quickly and cost-effectively through in-service technology updates.

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City of Redondo Beach

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Sized for Your Business Needs

This high-density system is available as a 10-Slot system for large enterprises, 10 Slot system for central offices, 6-Slot system and 3-Slot system.

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Networking Solutions Ready for Virtualization

Add the Avaya Fabric Connect Solution for network virtualization capabilities that support the delivery of always-on business services and cloud-based services.

Activate new Services Quickly

Launch New Business Services with Ease

Activate new services quickly without errors through the simplified configuration and management.

Secure Cloud Services and Compliance

Enhance Cloud Services Security and Compliance

Separate traffic by customer or tenant to help isolate data and stay within compliance requirements.

Avaya IPv6 Support

IPv6 Support

Move your business forward and let your network expand to support all the new devices joining your network and their apps.

York Schools Implement State-of-the-Art Networking Solution

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Network Scalability
Topic: eLearning
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See how Avaya is shaping a Smart Digital World

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