Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise

Bring Large-Scale Communication and Collaboration to Your Midsize Company

Enterprise Collaboration

A Premium Collaboration Environment Scaled for the Midsize Enterprise

  • Satisfy the multiple communication requirements of your midsize business with the same solution most big businesses use. Fewer IT resources and smaller budgets don’t have to limit your capabilities, because with Avaya, Midsize doesn’t mean reduced features.
  • Deploy the Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise to provide BYOD, conferencing, and business collaboration, all in a midmarket package.  For added convenience, you incorporate these multiple Avaya applications on a single virtualized server.
  • Gain a full set of sophisticated UC capabilities for 200-2,400 users—plus the ongoing benefits of a lower-cost, reduced-energy hardware footprint.

• Large Enterprise Communications Features at a Midmarket Price

You don’t need a huge IT budget for advanced unified communication features including BYOD, voice and video conferencing, remote mobile access, and true Unified Communications.

• The Value of Virtualization

Decrease your hardware requirements without losing any features. The single, pre-built server reduces energy use, requires less space, installs quickly, and simplifies maintenance.

• Grow Your Collaboration

Communication needs are changing fast. Jumpstart your business communications with built-in basic messaging and a call center application. As your needs change, easily add enhancements. With the Avaya Aura® Platform as your Unified Communications foundation, your next step in collaboration can be applications for advanced messaging, conferencing, and contact center.

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Avaya Aura Platform: The Solution for Engagement

Avaya Aura Platform: The Solution for Engagement Video4:25

Collaborate Like the Fortune 500

Help your smaller enterprise look bigger and function better by giving employees advanced unified communications that help them get more done, wherever they are.
Avaya Aura for Midsize Enterprise - Avaya Aura Platform

Get More for Less

Use just 70% of the energy and 1/6 of the space required for a standard Avaya Aura® Platform, and still provide your midsize enterprise with a full set of sophisticated communication features.
Fast Reboot High Availability

Depend On It

Achieve system reliability with a high-availability redundant server configuration for a fast reboot system switchover. If the primary server has an issue, the backup automatically starts and takes over within a few minutes.
Unified Communications Plus SIP Savings From Avaya

Unified Communications Plus SIP Can Drive Savings

Webtorials found that IT managers associate Unified Communications with reducing costs in the enterprise. One-way Unified Communications enhance productivity—letting users read voicemail messages by retrieving them via email.
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Strategies for Team Collaboration

Executives Want Mobile, Easy Productivity Tools. See What Else.

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Solving the Top 5 Collaboration Challenges in a Multivendor World

Solving the Top 5 Collaboration Challenges in a Multivendor World

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