Master Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

When interacting with a company means being transferred, repeating information, following up repeatedly, and getting called back at inconvenient times, customer satisfaction dips deeply.

Recently, 93% of business managers polled told Avaya that missing the mark on a holistic, personalized, proactive customer experience can lead to lost customers and lower revenue. So eliminating disjointed, high-effort, one-size-fits-all customer interactions is an urgent priority for most companies. Done well, a customer experience can lead to more sales, lifetime value, and positive social buzz.

See how to make interactions and services quick and easy for both your customers and your business. The latest Customer Experience Management solutions from Avaya can help you deliver a more positive experience. First, understand your customer’s true experience. See the hiccups. Then put a targeted turnaround into action.

From a single software platform, new capabilities increase reach and bring every aspect of the customer experience into a seamless, dynamic stream. Design and unify your brand experience for inbound and outbound, on all devices, for all channels. Manage the journey your customers take across your mobile, web, and contact center touch points. Get ahead of customer expectations and transform your business—one great interaction at a time.

Mastering Omnichannel Customer Engagement

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Improving Customer Experiences in the Omnichannel Age Infographic

Get the key facts from Avaya’s recent customer research and see why more and more organizations are realizing the increasing importance of Customer Experience Management.