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Ava is passionate about helping people communicate more effectively in the workplace and is an advocate for any smart technology or best practice that enables maximum business engagement.
While a self-proclaimed “fangirl” of communications technology, Ava also believes that effective communication isn’t just about the tools we use. It’s about the language we share and how we interact with each other.
As such, Ava’s mission is to help Avaya customers improve their business engagement by removing any technology language barriers and connecting them with a universal business vernacular.
Check out the modules below for Ava’s translations and tips to master the new language of 21st century business and begin to engage more effectively in the workplace.

The language of 21st century digital business is changing every day. Let Ava translate some of today’s technology lingo for you. 


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Homonym Helper

A homonym is when two or more words have the same spelling but different meanings and origins. Get caught up on the NEW definitions of OLD words.
Engagement – It USED to be a formal agreement to get married. NOW it’s that magical moment when professionals connect and communicate effectively with each other to achieve results greater than what they could have individually.
Meerkat – It USED to be a small southern African mongoose. NOW it’s a mobile app that allows users to live-stream video over Twitter.
Hot Spot – It USED to be a place deep within the earth where magma rises to the surface. NOW it’s that place with a wireless LAN connection that we all desperately seek out to connect our devices.

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Get Ava’s perspective on 21st century business communications, technology and tips on how to be productive, effective and engaged at work.

Ava Blog

#AvaSays: Lose the Lingo

Effective business communication is as much about what we say and how we say it as it is about technology. With so many ways to get off track or disconnected in our communications Ava says, “it’s time everyone loses the lingo and starts applying proper office etiquette.” Take a look at some of Ava’s favorite (funny!) videos demonstrating what NOT to do to achieve effective business engagement.

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