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Create a Personalized Customer Experience with Avaya


Exceptional customer experience starts with knowing your customers and delivering a highly personalised experience with every interaction. As the primary hub for real-time customer connections, your contact centre is the heart of your customer experience strategy.

Transform customer service from one-off customer transactions to rich, informed, sustainable customer relationships. By monitoring and understanding each customer’s unique needs and preferences, you can dynamically manage their experience and bring the right resources to each interaction.

1. Give Customers an Experience to Remember

Monitor, anticipate, and dynamically manage the customer experience across all channels and every interaction.

2. Better Contact Centre Service

Provide one seamless, integrated experience by applying contextual information and connecting all customer interactions.

3. Gain Actionable Insight

Know the next steps you need to take to help ensure a positive customer experience for every interaction.

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction - OnAvaya
Track Customer Engagements Across Web, Mobile and In-Person Interactions

Make Every Engagement Count with an Integrated Experience

Instead of handling each customer interaction independently, connect all of a customer’s engagements across their entire customer journey. Track web, mobile, and customer service department interactions. Customers looking for information on your web site can click to chat, click to call, or click to video with you. While on a mobile device, they can do the same. When it’s time to renew, an automated text or call is initiated. Connect all of your customer touch points, creating a seamless omni-channel experience.

Increase First Contact Resolution and Reduce Customer Effort

Understanding the causes of customer frustration helps you decide how to improve and streamline your customer experience. With performance management tools like advanced reporting, workforce optimisation, analytics, and survey capabilities you can study where your gaps exist and correct them. The most commonly reported consumer frustration is that they must repeat themselves. Reduce the need for transfers by giving your agents all the information they need to solve inquiries on the first touch. That could be account details from the self-service system, or detailed customer history. By correcting common sources of customer irritation you can boost satisfaction, increase first contact resolution, and reduce customer effort.

First Contact Resolution
Contact Center Solutions and Managing Seasonal Spikes

Better Manage Seasonal Spikes

Every customer service centre deals with spikes in volume. Whether due to a promotion or seasonal fluctuations, businesses must be prepared to provide the best possible experience throughout the year. You can add seasonal or home agents easily and adjust workflows to better serve customers during spikes. Maintain service levels by automatically assigning reserve agents or use automation and alternative channels like chat and text to better manage the added volume. And, with tools like Workforce Management you can rest assured that you are meeting customer expectations without over-staffing and impacting costs


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