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From business desktops to conference room tables, explore feature-rich, high audio quality phones. Find the right phones for your users in every location, at every level, in every role.

Select an IP Deskphone that offers crisp audio, low power requirements, customisation options, and solid performance. Your new 9600 Series IP Deskphone simplifies both traditional and advanced features with a large color touch screen and easy interface. Try an IP DECT Handset, which uses the most sophisticated wireless technologies, to roam the building or campus and still stay connected and accessible.

In the conference room, collaborate better with a phone designed for intuitive use by power users as well as occasional visitors. Plus, your Avaya B100 Series phone delivers superior sound--that means everyone can hear what’s being said. 


Avaya  1100 Series IP Deskphones

1100 Series IP Deskphones

These ergonomically designed IP Deskphones are available in a range of models to suit employees at every level of business.

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Avaya 1200 Series IP Deskphone

1200 Series IP Deskphones

These IP Deskphones offer softkeys, speakerphones, advanced audio quality, headset support, and an integrated Ethernet switch for single drop desktop wiring.

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Avaya 1400 Series Digital Deskphones

1400 Series Digital Deskphones

For a wide range of users, these phones offer a contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features.

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Avaya 1600 Series IP Deskphones

1600 Series IP Deskphones

1600 Series IP Deskphones deliver basic communications features at an attractive price point. These phones are ideal for enterprises and call centers alike, and can be deployed alongside other Avaya telephones.

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Avaya 2000 Series IP Deskphones

2000 Series IP Deskphones

This versatile series of IP Deskphones deliver business-grade telephony features and applications.

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Avaya 2250 Attendant Console

2250 Attendant Console

This fully digital attendant console delivers efficient, high-speed call processing.

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Avaya 3700 Series DECT Handsets

3700 Series DECT Handsets

This family of mobile handsets delivers high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or campus.

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Avaya 3900 Series Digital Deskphones

3900 Series Digital Deskphones

Improve productivity with these phone models that offer an easy-to-use interface, call logging, self-labeling keys, simplified administration, and more.

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Avaya 7000 Series Digital Deskphones

7000 Series Digital Deskphones

The 7000 Series Digital Deskphones set the standard for durability, reliability, and flexibility. These phones offer a wide range of user-friendly features to suit front desks, conference rooms, supervisors, and mobile workers.

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Avaya 9400 Series Digital Deskphones

9400 Series Digital Deskphones

These phones have a smart design, delivering crystal-clear sound and a full suite of communications features.

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Avaya 9500 Series Digital Deskphones

9500 Series Digital Deskphones

With full-featured, durable, highly reliable communications solutions, these phones meet the different needs of many users.

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Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones

9600 Series IP Deskphones

Ranging from the 9601 to the 9670G, the 9600 Series addresses the unique needs of different users. These IP Deskphones help drive increased employee productivity.

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Avaya Conference Phones

Conference Phones

Avaya Conference Phones are ideal for spontaneous collaboration in meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and conference rooms.

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Avaya IP DECT Phones

IP DECT Phones

These mobile IP DECT handsets deliver high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or campus. They offer all the benefits of the DECT standard, including high security, scalability, and low-power consumption.

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Avaya IP Phones Wireless Phones

IP Wireless Phones

Avaya IP Wireless Phones transform businesses with improved productivity and responsiveness through advanced mobile communications over wireless LANs.

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Avaya one-X® Mobile

This softphone client lets mobile users quickly connect to the right people, at the right time, through a broad choice of mobile devices.


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