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Networking. Simplified - Summer Webinar Series

Networking. Simplified
Summer Webinar Series

Join these 45mins technical webinars
delivered by product experts to get a powerful
insight into Avaya’s innovative solutions and how
they can help your business.

Avaya Makes it Simpler to Deploy Virtualized Applications

Avaya Makes it Simpler to Deploy Virtualized Applications

We find 41% of companies need over a month to implement a network change. Chop that time with turnkey, packaged components that launch applications and optimize their performance.


Recalculate Your Number
with Virtualization

Avaya private cloud infrastructure helps cut downtime by simplifying how you configure, launch, and manage network access, applications, and devices.



always ready with a stable
Avaya network

Reaching the Avaya vision of plug-and-play communications drives new requirements for the enterprise. It means changing the dynamics among people, applications, and the foundational network to achieve a context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualised.
The key concept for our vision is the fit-for-purpose network. As real-time communications continue evolving to IP telephony, the data network begins to facilitate communications-enabled business services, while transporting other critical business applications. Avaya delivers some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant return on investment. The Avaya Networking portfolio offers:
  • Ethernet Switching: a range of core and access switches for entry-level Branch Office through premium high-performance Wiring Closet, to Campus Core and Data Centre applications
  • Unified Branch: a range of integrated routers, gateways and appliances that allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect their branch sites
  • Wireless Networking: a cost-effective and scalable solution enabling enterprises to deploy wireless coverage
  • Access Control: solutions that provide policy decision to enforce role-based access control to the network
  • Unified Management: support for data and voice networks by simplifying the management requirements across functional areas
The portfolio is available globally in all industries with particular strength in healthcare, education, hospitality, and financial services, as well as to local and state governments.

Avaya Networking Solutions

An introduction to the Avaya Networking Portfolio and how these products support critical networks with performance, reliability, and security.

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Creating a Fit-for-Purpose Network Architecture Featuring Gartner Research

Learn about Avaya's Fit-For-Purpose Strategy and how we deliver solutions that meet the most critical performance requirements and address the specific needs of today's enterprise networks.

Vancouver Organising Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Learn how Avaya delivered the first Olympic and Paralympic Network.

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