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Award by Frost & Sullivan

Managing the Customer Experience

How to maximise the lifetime value for
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Transform your contact centre

Transform your contact centre

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Building a best
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Award by Frost & Sullivan

Award by Frost &

Avaya gets 2012 EMEA Inbound
Contact Routing Systems Market
Share Leadership Award

A revolution is underway in the call centre / contact centre industry, being driven by three critical shifts in the marketplace:
  • Changing demographics: New generations of consumers are gaining purchasing power and changing the way customers gather information, make decisions, and communicate.
  • New communications modes: Consumers are rapidly adopting new access methods (web self service), different media types (IM, web chat), and new devices (smart phones).
  • More risks to customer service: Consumers are less tolerant of poor service, more inclined to leave after a single bad experience, and likely to broadcast their dissatisfaction using social media.
To address these changes, companies need an end-to-end customer experience management approach that helps them leverage existing resources alongside the latest best practices and enabling technologies.
Experience Management is the driving force for Avaya’s Contact Centre vision. It crosses the boundary from the contact centre to the enterprise as a whole, and focuses on enabling companies and organizations to differentiate and grow through the experiences that they deliver.

Avaya Aura® Contact Center Demo

See how Avaya helps you keep up with an evolving business environment by focusing on experience management. Experience management lets customers contact you through multiple media types, improving agent and supervisor efficiency, and your customer service overall.

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Avaya IQ Demo

Avaya IQ is an analytics tool that monitor and analyzes the contact centre providing a comprehensive view of the customer experience and all agent contributions. It ties revenue and quality scores to each call and delivers reports that relate activity to results.

Proactive Outreach Manager Demo

Proactive Outreach Manager helps you get the most out of your technology investment―reducing costs while elevating the customer experience. Solutions like automated welcome e-mails, notification calls, and text reminders contribute to increased customer satisfaction and revenues for your business.