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Mobility Improves
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UC Improves
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In healthcare and life sciences today, patient needs for medical services are rising steadily and the industry is facing a shortage of skilled clinicians. Tomorrow, the world’s aging population will drive expenditures to ever-larger proportions of GDP. Significantly more care must be delivered to a much larger population, which will demand higher quality, greater efficiency, and lower costs.
Health insurance payers and providers—both private for-profit companies and publicly funded government entities—are under pressure to control costs, improve medical expense ratios, and slow the growth of insurance premiums so consumers and employers can afford care. To transform how care is delivered, physicians, hospitals, and health systems are increasingly measured and rewarded for quality outcomes. They must have processes and technologies in place to put more attention on patients and be more efficient with resources. Healthcare companies must supply innovative, high-quality medicines, devices, and diagnostic capabilities that improve health at a reasonable cost.
To address these industry challenges, Avaya integrates communications technology into existing clinical systems. In building solutions for healthcare and life sciences, Avaya leverages our complete communications portfolio as well as best-of-breed third party solutions.