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Current Analysis - Avaya Assessment - Enterprise Networking and Data Center [PDF]

03 Oct 2013
In this report, Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology, Current Analysis provides a very positive assessment of Avaya, and emphasizes how our portfolio continues to make strides with differentiated technology.

Avaya Fabric Enabled Networking to Power InteropNet at Interop 2013 [PDF]

15 Apr 2013
Interop has chosen Avaya networking technology and equipment to power InteropNet 2013, one of the world's largest temporary networks and the premier example of how to deliver a multi-vendor, converged network.

Current Analysis Company Assessment: Avaya Enterprise Networking & Data Center [PDF]

04 Jan 2013
In this report Current Analysis rated Avaya Networking & Data Center "Very Threatening", and emphasized that Avaya’s portfolio continues to make strides with differentiated technology, centered around both VENA, innovative embedded software, and its ability to run applications optimally on top.

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Top 10 des choses à connaître au sujet d’Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

18 Aug 2015
Toute nouvelle manière de construire des réseaux, Avaya Fabric Connect fournit une infrastructure simplifiée, souple et résiliente qui rend la configuration et le déploiement des réseaux plus rapides et plus simples. Technologie de virtualisation de réseau basée sur des normes et fondée sur une implémentation améliorée de IEEE 802,1aq Shortest Path Bridging et IETF RFC 6329, Avaya Fabric Connect associe des dizaines d’années d’expérience avec Ethernet et

Establishing a Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant Foundation [PDF]

11 Apr 2013
Avaya’s Fabric Connect next-generation networking solution leverage standards-based technology to provide an inherently strong and secure infrastructure that can provide the basis for a secure PCI-compliant network.

Create Outstanding User Experiences with an All Avaya Solution

06 Mar 2013
Avaya takes an application-first approach to networking. We call it Avaya on Avaya — integrated pre-tested solutions that accelerate time to service and resolve issues proactively through enhanced performance monitoring. Avaya on Avaya delivers a superior user experience and better value for IT

Avaya and IPv6 [PDF]

14 Dec 2012
Avaya is committed to the implementation of IPv6 in its products and has been supporting IPv6 for many years.

Introduction to Shortest Path Bridging [PDF]

22 Sep 2011
The IEEE has developed an innovative, next-generation Ethernet control protocol classified as 802.1aq, more commonly known as Shortest Path Bridging (SPB). Essentially a replacement for the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and other point technologies (MSTP, RTSP, MMRP, etc.), SPB’s real value is its ability to enable unparalleled flexibility when building, deploying, and managing Ethernet networks.

Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 [PDF]

17 Feb 2011
The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 is a resilient, flexible and scalable solution that delivers network virtualization, exceptional value per port and one of the industry's highest 10G densities per module/rack.

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29 Jul 2015
L’Architecture SDN Fx™ Avaya peut le faire. Un long cycle de changements n'est pas nécessaire à chaque fois que votre réseau a besoin d'une mise à jour. Découvrez comment vos professionnels de l'informatique peuvent passer de la simple maintenance à la prise d'initiatives réellement importantes et innovantes pour améliorer votre efficacité de fonctionnement. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous pour télécharger notre rapport, Le défi de la rapidité.

The Software-Defined Data Center is Key to IT-as-a-Service [PDF]

20 Aug 2013
This paper, authored by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, A Division of Kerravala Consulting,  discusses how the Software-Defined Data Center is Key to IT-as-a-Service  This paper concludes with some recommendations for companies looking to use this as a key point of competitive differentiation

Avaya VENA Fabric Connect [PDF]

26 Jun 2013
Avaya VENA Fabric Connect supports a wide range of network functionality, and it can serve as a unified backbone technology not only  in the data center, but also in the campus network, the metropolitan area network, and even a private Ethernet WAN. This white paper, published by the Analyst firm, Ashton, Metzler & Associates, provides a look at the technology behind Avaya VENA Fabric Connect, the benefits it offers and a call to action for those looking to dramatically reduce the complexity of their networks.

The New World of IP Multicasting [PDF]

15 Apr 2013
To overcome the limitations in current IP multicasting technologies, Avaya developed IP Multicast over Fabric Connect—to deliver new levels of performance, scalability and resiliency to IP multicasting. IP Multicast over Fabric Connect is an enhanced implementation of the IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) standard (802.1aq) and IETF RFCC 6329 standards - and a natural extension of Avaya Fabric Connect.

Distribution of Globally Routable IPv6 over Avaya VENA Fabric Connect [PDF]

12 Dec 2012
This document provides an overview of a proven solution for the distribution of globally routable IPv6 Addresses, leveraging Avaya VENA Fabric Connect. Fabric Connect is Avaya’s next-generation networking protocol; an enhanced implementation of the standardized Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technology.

Integrating VXLAN with Avaya VENA Fabric Connect [PDF]

24 Aug 2012
VMware’s VXLAN and Avaya’s SPB-based Fabric Connect are complementary; and when used together they can help businesses build agile, scalable environments that enhance the total value proposition of highly virtualized next-generation infrastructures, combining fully orchestrated computing and networking

Avaya VENA Fabric Connect [PDF]

24 Aug 2012
By creating one contiguous, end-to-end Fabric, Avaya is empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of infrastructure productivity, service agility, and network dependability, the very essence of the fast, flexible, and secure design aspirations.

A Unified Network for the Mobile Era [PDF]

13 Aug 2012
As the enterprise WLAN becomes the network of choice for employees and associates, networks are expected to support an increasing number of real-time applications, such as voice and video communications. Enterprises should address the expectations of their increasingly mobile workforce with an intelligent, easily managed network that is truly unified and smart enough to deliver services rapidly and seamlessly.


Stackable Ethernet Routing Switches Portfolio [4:55]

16 Oct 2013
Avaya's Stackable Ethernet Routing Switches portfolio consists of the ERS 2500, ERS 4500, and ERS 5000 Series product lines.

Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 [5:27]

14 Oct 2013
The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 is a resilient, flexible and scalable solution that delivers network virtualization, exceptional value per port and one of the industry's highest 10G densities per module/rack.

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