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Toll Fraud Brochure [PDF]

23 Jan 2012
Assess your security posture against toll fraud, premium service fraud and related exploits. Detect and mitigate VoIP unified communication specific threats and vulnerabilities. Protect VoIP servers, Public Switched Telephone Network connectivity, device authentication, and other targets.

Safe Session Initiation Protocol Trunks: Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise [PDF]

06 Dec 2011
The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise provides all the functionality required for an enterprise to terminate Session Initiation Protocol trunks without the complexity associated with typical Session Border Controllers.

Fiches d'information

VDI Communicator [PDF]

30 Nov 2012
Extend your corporate Unified Communications capabilities to your VDI users. This fact sheet empowers the VDI users to reap the benefits of enhanced productivity, improved collaboration and streamlined communications.

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