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Reach More People by Integrating Video

Western Kentucky University uses Unified Communications and video solutions—and increased enrollment by 20% in 4 years.

IP Telephony Enables Remote Teaching

Using IP telephony, Palm Beach County Schools offers classroom access to absent students and automated apps for parents.

Use Communications
to Innovate Education

Integrate messaging, conferencing,
video, and more. Save budget, streamline
operations, focus more on core mission.

Even under shrinking budgets, educators are challenged to increase enrollment, student scores, staff effectiveness, and school safety. Primary and secondary schools are under intense pressure to improve academic performance and graduation rates, which requires district-wide collaboration, flexible and widespread communications, and seamless access to resources. Similarly, institutions of higher education need to attract and retain the best students and faculty. IT is under pressure to meet the expectations of tech-savvy students while facing the daunting task of keeping the entire campus secure.
Avaya uses communications technology to transform and improve the education environment. We streamline communications architecture, integrate a myriad of communications devices, and deliver unified communications and specialized applications that provide staff and students with both information and access. Avaya helps education institutions solve their business challenges with cost-lowering solutions and services.

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