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Switching, Routing, Wireless LAN and Network, BYOD, Guest Access—Leverage These to Increase Your Company’s Agility and Reduce Costs

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Avaya Networking Solutions


The evolution of applications, mobile devices, and the compute environments is straining current networks. Network architectures must become dynamic, agile, and simple. Avaya Networking Solutions deliver:

  • End-to-end, standards-based network virtualization technology that reduces network provisioning by 87%.
  • Unified access solutions that offer consistent policy enforcement, security, and management, with the ability to provision guest-access accounts in less than 10 seconds.
  • Innovative data center designs that offer a 400% performance improvement and up to 20 times lower hardware costs.

1. Eliminate Manual Tasks to be More Efficient

Avaya Networking reduces error-prone tasks, with endpoint provisioning of new services, auto-provisioning of IP endpoints, and auto-unit replacement for networking switches in a stack.

2. Enable a Best-in-Class User Experience

Mission-critical applications perform best over a high-performance, highly available Avaya network.

3. Protect Network Uptime

Help make sure your applications are available any time, from anywhere, by taking advantage of Avaya technologies such as Resilient Stacking, Switch Clustering, and Avaya Fabric Connect.

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Avaya Networking Solutions Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Not only can Avaya Networking Solutions help save you money in up front capital expenses, they can also help reduce ongoing operating costs. Avaya Fabric Connect, an end-to-end virtualization capability, can reduce network provisioning by 87%. Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches in a stack can be hot-swapped in less than two minutes without impacting user traffic. And Avaya Identity Engines decrease the provisioning time for guess access accounts to less than 10 seconds.

Improve Time to Service

Avaya Networking features let you deploy applications faster. With Avaya Fabric Connect you can turn up new services simply by provisioning each edge switch. IP endpoints are operational less than a minute after being plugged into the switch port of Avaya Edge Ethernet Routing Solutions. And, quick-start scripts on Avaya Edge Ethernet Routing Switches let you rapidly roll out Avaya Unified Communications solutions.

Avaya Networking Features Deploy Applications Fast
Network Virtualization Technology

Future Proof Your Network

Make sure you have the right foundation for future growth and future applications with Avaya Networking solutions. In virtual environments, our highly scalable network virtualization solution can support up to 16 million unique services. At the network edge, Avaya solutions offer 5 to 15 times more virtual backplane capacity than leading competitors. And as wireless and mobile continues to grow, Avaya wireless LANs delivers 30% more video sessions and 23% more Voice over WLAN calls than the industry average.



Help ensure your data communications are always on and working optimally to carry data, voice, and video traffic. Avaya provides evaluation, testing, management, and maintenance of multi-vendor data networks worldwide.


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