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Create a Personalized Customer Experience with Avaya


Exceptional customer experience starts with knowing your customers and delivering a highly personalized experience with every interaction. As the primary hub for real-time customer connections, your contact center is the heart of your customer experience strategy.

Transform customer service from one-off customer transactions to rich, informed, sustainable customer relationships. By monitoring and understanding each customer’s unique needs and preferences, you can dynamically manage their experience and bring the right resources to each interaction.

1. Give Customers an Experience to Remember

Monitor, anticipate, and dynamically manage the customer experience across all channels and every interaction.

2. Better Contact Center Service

Provide one seamless, integrated experience by applying contextual information and connecting all customer interactions.

3. Gain Actionable Insight

Know the next steps you need to take to help ensure a positive customer experience for every interaction.

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Track Customer Engagements Across Web, Mobile and In-Person Interactions

Connect with Your Customers through the Right Channel, at the Right Time, Every Time

Customer engagement and resource utilization improves when customers can interact using the channels of their choice—web, social media, email, mobile, voice, or video—when they want.

Determine the Next Best Action and Best Resource to Address Customer Needs

Targeted customer experiences let you deliver an experience that earns customer loyalty by combining business processes, the back office, enterprise routing, agent selection, and workflow integration.

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Contact Center Solutions and Managing Seasonal Spikes

Deliver Actionable Insight and Centralized Management

You can improve the effectiveness in your contact center by focusing on business performance, big data and analytics, and simplification through centralized management and administration. When you collect, consolidate, and analyze data and information, you gain insight into the customer and agent experience—for an overall better experience.


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