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Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture

Data center virtualization

Reap the Benefits of a Virtual Data Center

Learn how virtualization is turning the
data center into a competitive advantage.

Kutztown University case study

Accelerate Education through Network Virtualization

See how Kutztown University uses the Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 to leverage next-generation networking.

Gartner webcast

Meet CIO Challenges
with Network Virtualization

Gartner and Avaya discuss the benefits of cloud computing.

Shortest Path Bridging

Enhancements in Enterprise Network Virtualization

Discover how Shortest Path Bridging
and IP/SPB reduce network complexity
and offer significant scalability.

Build your own private cloud infrastructures from the data center to the corporate campus with Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture. This open virtualization solution helps dramatically simplify the design, deployment, and management of networks by enabling a network fabric within and between data centers and campuses. The virtual services fabric—based on Shortest Path Bridging—creates a multipath Ethernet network that relies on the Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) protocol to dynamically build a topology between nodes.
Since provisioning is only required at the network edge, administrators can more quickly deploy new services. "Avaya's architecture greatly simplifies the deployment of vital business applications, potentially reducing delivery times by days or even weeks and taking human error out of the equation," says Mike Kincaid, Manager of Network Services and Telecommunications at UC Health. With Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture, the chance of an outage due to human provisioning errors—traditionally a significant cause of network downtime—can be virtually eliminated.
Additional benefits from this architecture include:
  • Add or turn on new services 25 times faster than traditional spanning tree networks, according to a 2011 Miercom report
  • Build the network core only once without redesign or reconfiguration
  • Deploy services wherever they are required, without constraints on the physical topology
  • Easily implement virtual machine migration, storage convergence, and business continuity/disaster recovery plans

Gartner and Avaya Webcast: Empowering the Cloud through Network Virtualization

Learn how network virtualization helps meet CIOs' biggest challenges, including how to increase network capacity, shorten planning and implementation stages, and maintain high service levels for end users.

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Lippis Report Podcast: Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture Overview

This podcast highlights the benefits of the Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture and the business outcomes its customers are gaining from its deployment.

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Lippis Report Podcast: Avaya Virtual Services Platform 7000 and Virtualization Provisioning Service Overview

Listen to this podcast to learn how we expanded our cloud computing portfolio with the recent release of the Virtual Services Platform 7000 top-of-rack switch and our new Virtualization Provisioning Service management software.

Cloud-Optimized Storage Solutions

With Avaya and Coraid, find out how to create cost-effective scale-out storage optimized for the next-generation data center.

Deploying a UC Cloud Solution

Kick-start your transition to cloud computing with Avaya and Communications Resources Inc and discover how to increase consolidation and convergence.