Company Overview

Company Overview

Avaya is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

Avaya helps our customers bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, enabling business users to improve their efficiency and quickly solve critical business challenges. Because our solutions are based on open standards, our customers can decide what works best for them. Our objective is to give people the best collaboration experience, regardless of the devices, locations, or media they choose

Avaya believes technology should enable collaboration.  As enterprises move toward a more geographically dispersed, 24x7 workforce, they need tools to enable their users to quickly solve business challenges.  Seamless and effective collaboration platforms support this work environment.

Avaya’s open standards-based platform accommodates customers with multi-vendor environments seeking to use their existing investments, supplement their existing solutions with specific collaboration products they need, and rapidly create and deploy applications. Our solutions allow organizations to develop short- and long-term IT strategies and deploy them at their own pace.  Regardless of whether your business consists of 10 employees or 100,000, we can help you to take all your forms of communication and get them working together, to dramatically improve collaboration and accelerate growth. Your company can be more spontaneous and intuitive in communications, more customer-friendly, and ultimately more profitable.

Avaya focuses on the following businesses:

Unified Communications

Avaya’s unified communications solutions help companies increase employee productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs by integrating multiple forms of communications, including telephony, e-mail, instant messaging and video. With Avaya unified communications solutions, customers can communicate effectively regardless of location or device.

Our Avaya Aura® architecture simplifies complex communications networks, reduces infrastructure costs and delivers voice, video, messaging, presence, web applications and more to users. Using this architecture, organizations are able to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy applications from a centralized data center to users regardless of the device they are using or the network to which they are connected.

Contact Centers

As a global leader in the contact center market since our founding, Avaya offers highly reliable, scalable communications-centric solutions that can improve customer service and help companies compete more effectively. The Avaya Aura® Contact Center Suite creates a single integrated customer queue, regardless of the type of media or modality, including voice, video, email, chat or social media, and delivers a highly personalized customer experience. The tight integration of our contact center applications with Avaya Aura has allowed us to change the nature of a contact center from the previous approach of routing customers to agents and self-service applications, often with a loss of customer information or context, to a model where we use session management to bring customer service people and applications from around the enterprise to the customer, leading to Small and Medium Enterprise Communications.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Avaya’s Small and Medium Enterprise Communications (SME) solutions are designed to meet communications challenges facing small and medium enterprises. Avaya IP Office, our award-winning, global flagship SME solution, helps simplify processes and streamline information exchange within systems. Communications capabilities can be added as needed, and Avaya IP Office connects to both traditional and the latest IP lines—to give growing companies flexibility and the ability to retain and use their existing investment.


Avaya’s data networking portfolio is designed to address and surpass competitors’ products in three key requirements: resiliency, efficiency and performance. The portfolio includes:

• Ethernet Switching—a range of Local Area Network switches for data center, core, edge, and branch applications;

• Unified Branch—a range of routers and Virtual Private Network appliances that provide a secure connection for branches;

• Wireless Networking—a cost-effective and scalable solution enabling enterprises to deploy wireless coverage;

• Access Control—solutions that provide policy decision to enforce role-based access control to the network;

• Unified Management—providing support for data and voice networks by simplifying the requirements associated across functional areas; and

• Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network – an end-to-end virtualization strategy and architecture that helps simplify data center and campus networking.  It optimizes business applications and service deployments in and between data centers and campuses, while helping to reduce costs and improve time to service

Avaya Client Services

Avaya Client Services evaluates, plans, designs, implements, supports, manages and optimizes enterprise communications networks to help customers achieve enhanced business results. Our award-winning portfolio of services includes product support, integration, and professional and managed, or operations, services that enable customers to optimize and manage their converged communications networks worldwide.  The portfolio is supported by patented design and management tools and network operations and technical support centers around the world.

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