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Serving Customer Buying Patterns Means Our Partners are “Living on the Edge”

  • Fadi Moubarak
  • December 1, 2016 | 3 minutes to read
  • Today’s business environment is a competitive and dynamic landscape that necessitates innovation in communications and collaboration. Technology solutions are more than mere infrastructure investments, they…
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When Is Enough Actually Enough? Exploring the Lagging Face of Public Safety (Part 2)

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • September 19, 2016 | 5 minutes to read
  • In Part 1 of this series, Avaya Vice President and Chief Technologist for software-defined architecture Jean Turgeon opened up a much-needed conversation about the current…
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When is Enough Actually Enough? A Hard Look at the Lagging Face of Public Safety (Part 1)

  • Jean Turgeon
  • September 13, 2016 | 5 minutes to read
  • When we talk about the state of public safety today, we unfortunately have to recognize the devastating tragedies that have forever affected our communities, schools…
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It’s a smart digital world. Let’s build it together.

  • Jean Turgeon
  • August 8, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • Technology advances are changing our world dramatically … at lightning speed. Today, we live in a world of endless possibilities, one where connections are made…
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Why 50 Million People Can’t Call 911

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • July 27, 2016 | 5 minutes to read
  • Undoubtedly, the most common method used to contact emergency services is simply calling 911. While that will work just fine for most of us, for…
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STEM: It Does a Brain Good!

  • Kellie Walenciak
  • July 27, 2016 | 4 minutes to read
  • Growing up, I was the kid who aced every English paper. I was “fluent” in grammar and punctuation, and I could recite all my prepositions…
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In the Age of Technology Killers, Why Some Just Won’t Die

  • Henry Dewing
  • September 28, 2015 | 5 minutes to read
  • For those of you who were watching the inaugural season of “Saturday Night Live” in 1975, you likely remember Chevy Chase’s bit on Weekend Update…
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HIMSS 2015: Why Data-Sharing Among Medical Devices is Crucial

  • Luke Stangel
  • April 10, 2015 | 3 minutes to read
  • Do medical devices inadvertently cause deadly errors in hospitals? In a recent Gary and Mary West Health Institute study, half of the nurses surveyed said…
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Spring into the Avaya Technology Forum

  • Randy Cross
  • January 29, 2015 | 3 minutes to read
  • It’s that time of year, again. The Avaya Technology Forum (ATF) is once more upon us.  Despite the added workload and dizzying deadlines, it really…
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An Introduction to the Opus Codec

  • Andrew Prokop
  • July 15, 2014 | 4 minutes to read
  • This is my third article on audio codecs. The first two covered the common codecs such as G.711 and G.729, along with the relative newcomers…
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The Great Tech Thaw: Are You Ready?

  • Pat Patterson
  • December 3, 2013 | 3 minutes to read
  • Signs of invigorated business spending in 2014 are evident in double-digit CapEx growth predictions by leading global asset managers. Many IT managers, having seen budgets…
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The Consumerization of IT - Round 2

  • Luke Stangel
  • May 13, 2013 | 2 minutes to read
  • Last year, we took a look at how the Canadian consumer has been leading the way in driving the technology evolution into social media, broadband…