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Three Attributes that Lead to Great Customer Satisfaction

  • Sandra Thomson
  • March 15, 2017 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • We all know that customer satisfaction dictates success in business. You’ve heard it all before: CSAT scores help determine likelihood of future purchases, customer turnover,…
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6 Ways to Increase Your Support Confidence

  • Pat Patterson
  • May 11, 2016 | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes to read
  • Are you confident enough in your support partner that you can focus on advancing your solutions instead of just maintaining them? A UK trader was…
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Engaging in Multi-Vendor Collaborative Support

  • Carl Knerr
  • March 10, 2015 | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes to read
  • Periodically, in my personal life, I will use video conferencing technology on my PC to talk with family and friends. I’ve recently been having problems…
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Making Avaya Easier To Do Business With

  • Carl Knerr
  • April 7, 2014 | Estimated reading time: 6 minutes to read
  • This past summer, I started a new chapter in my career as the product management lead for Avaya’s Support Advantage maintenance offer. For the first…