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5 Key Steps to Modernizing the Federal Government

  • Jerry Dotson
  • December 9, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • Modernizing the communications systems of government agencies creates significant challenges—and opportunities—for the new Administration. Key to improving services for the estimated 324 million Americans, the…
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IP Office Leads the Way: How Doubling Down in One Product Area Can Drive Best Practices

  • Dave Gudmundson
  • October 21, 2016 | 4 minutes to read
  • Just over a month ago, we released the latest version of Avaya IP Office, one of the most popular SMB/MM UC systems on the market…
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E911’s Fatal Flaw is Lack of Location Data—How Avaya Breeze Can Solve

  • Markus Bornheim
  • September 28, 2016 | 6 minutes to read
  • The night of her husband's death, Alison Vroome did everything she knew to be right. She grabbed her phone, called 911 and told the operator…
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Building Innovation on Customer Feedback

  • Areff Mohammed
  • September 2, 2016 | 3 minutes to read
  • When Ford wanted to reintroduce the Fiesta brand in the U.S. for the first time in more than a decade, executives decided they needed to…
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Enabling Smart Vertical Solutions in a Smart Digital World

  • Jean Turgeon
  • August 16, 2016 | 1 minute to read
  • Watch as Jean “JT” Turgeon discusses the path Avaya is taking into the Smart Digital World and how the company enables digital transformation. [kaltura-widget uiconfid="36065901"…
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Kari’s Law Progress: Texas to implement new 911 Law

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • August 10, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • 983 days. 983 days since a little girl lost her mother after a brutal stabbing, because the motel she was staying in required her to…
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Why 50 Million People Can’t Call 911

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • July 27, 2016 | 5 minutes to read
  • Undoubtedly, the most common method used to contact emergency services is simply calling 911. While that will work just fine for most of us, for…
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Seeing into the Office of the Future

  • Savio Tovar Dias
  • May 18, 2016 | 3 minutes to read
  • Dubai is heavily focused on delivering on its Smart City goals, with the goal of being among the smartest—and happiest—cities in the world. The drive…
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NG911: The Industry’s Most Misunderstood Buzzword

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • April 4, 2016 | 3 minutes to read
  • What exactly is next-generation 911? When people talk about it, they use the phrase like a noun, yet it’s not a person and it’s not…
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HIMSS 2016: Big Show, Big Problems, Big Opportunities

  • Jaime Weaver
  • March 7, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • The HIMSS 2016 healthcare tradeshow that took place last week in Las Vegas is simply massive. With more than 1,300 exhibitors, 26,000 attendees and huge…
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Kari’s Law Introduced in the Senate, Making ‘911’ Safer for Hotels and Office Buildings

  • Christina Knittel
  • February 24, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • Last week, Avaya celebrated the 48th anniversary of America’s first 911 call by announcing its support of Kari’s Law (S. 2553), a new Senate bill…
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The Evolution of Healthcare for the Internet of Things

  • Paul Unbehagen
  • February 22, 2016 | 4 minutes to read
  • The Internet of Things holds great promise to improve our health and wellbeing. Internet-connected infusion pumps, imaging machines, blood-glucose sensors (and myriad more devices) can…
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13 Avaya Channel Partners You Should Know

  • Luke Stangel
  • February 2, 2016 | 2 minutes to read
  • As Hollywood enters its awards season, the red carpet is laid out for artists and actors. Beneath the designer clothing and pomp and circumstance is…
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Why Healthcare Providers Need to Deliver Uber-Like Service

  • Iman Ghorayeb
  • January 19, 2016 | 3 minutes to read
  • I have a confession to make: I’ve never used Uber. Personally, I like to order my taxis the old fashioned way – by calling the…
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Solving India's 911 Problem: Real Solution, or Knee-Jerk Reaction?

  • Mark J. Fletcher, ENP
  • January 5, 2016 | 4 minutes to read
  • This article originally appeared on Avaya's NG911 blog. Emergency services in India have evolved over the years. But instead of consolidating access numbers, the decision…