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Five For Friday: Top 5 Limericks So Far in Avaya’s St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Remember when Team Avaya wished you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Galway, Ireland last year?

Well, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and Avaya is at again…

Are you feeling lucky? Enter our St. Patrick’s Day contest by commenting on our Facebook post with your favorite limerick about collaboration or Avaya. The comment with the most likes as of 5pm PST on Monday, March 17th, 2014 will win a $100 gift card. May the luck o’ the Irish be with you!

St. Patrick's Day contest

And if you are having a case of writer’s block, here are the top five limericks we’ve received so far, ranked by number of likes:

#1: With 18 likes: By Dhanya Aravindan

Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration,
Happy Avaya customers have a celebration.
With Avaya, UC, CC, Video & Networking,
We make our customers King.
We are good with what we do and that is Business Communication!

#2: With 13 likes: By Fabiana Falcone

There once was a girl named Bella
Who for 9 months never met a fella
4 devices, 4 generations, 4 cities
Freed her in double clicks
Avaya connected and collaborated to welcome Bella

#3: With 7 likes: By Jen Lau

At Avaya the goal is collaboration –
Colleagues who have mastered communication.
With a portfolio robust,
Joining us is a must;
Let us fix all your business frustrations!

#4: With 7 likes: By Christina Dahners-Johnston

In the world of UC providers
The greatest of all is AVAYA
Whether it’s collaboration you need
Or just best of breed
They are simply the best of suppliers

#5: With 6 likes: By Dave O’Shaughnessy

Productivity is improved by Collaboration ….
But for many that dream ends in Frustration ….
With Avaya Conferencing to be sure …
the finest solutions you’ll procure ….
High Quality Teamwork and Customer Elation!

Thinking of a good limerick? Enter our contest today!

Jaime Schember is the Corporate Social Media Manager at Avaya. Previously, she worked on Marketing for the 2010 Olympics, while at Nortel. She is based at Avaya's headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. more


AVAYA - Always (A) Venture (V) Out and (A) You'll (Y)Achieve (A) Your Goals ---- AVAYA ------

Michael Miao
Michael Miao

Pick whatever you like to pick, PC, cell phone, desktop, iPad small or big. Voice, video, and conferencing, You will hear collaboration click.

James Winterbottom
James Winterbottom

There was a phone from Avaya,

That made calls without any wire

IP packets through air

from here to there

It is something to which to aspire.


There once was a man from Nantucket,

while walking he tripped on a bucket,

he called 9-1-1, got through when it rung,

Now he's glad that Avaya didn't muck it!

Do I get extra points for starting with Nantucket, but keeping it clean? ;-)

jitender kumar
jitender kumar

We share We connect, no matter how far and wide business get,

together as one we beat distances....

 bring together our shared Experiences...

 for world is better when united.....

 no wonder we are always so Delighted.....!!!

Salman Bilgrami
Salman Bilgrami

Do you remember avaya phone in 247, do you remember doing loli.