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Fans of the Jean-Luc Picard version of Star Trek will remember the Captain raising his finger and commanding the starship Enterprise to “Engage.”

Back then, if I were to tell you that one day you’d be able conduct your everyday meetings via HD video from anywhere on a wireless mobile device by just moving a single finger – you probably would have thought I spent too much time watching the popular science fiction series.

Folks, buckle up, we’ve just “made it so.” We are now firmly in the era where a single finger – click, tap or swipe – launches person to person or multi-party video collaboration from anywhere – AND with a ‘can’t miss’ price tag. Avaya is paving the way on this exciting journey with a galaxy of Video Collaboration Solutions for the mobile enterprise. http://www.avaya.com/usa/about-avaya/newsroom/news-releases/2012/pr-121212.


This is the click to engage era, marked by a paradigm shift from the traditional click to call to a full immersive video experience that delivers a more engaging experience and focused workforce during meetings. It’s a practical, stunningly simple to use, high-performance solution that can be deployed to everyone in the enterprise on any device.

For IT, the ease of management, high scalability and efficient use of bandwidth will earn five stars. For example, Avaya Aura Conferencing with Avaya Flare Experience can be scaled to support up to 75,000+ administered users in a large distributed organization and up to 7500 simultaneous video sessions on a ‘single’ system. Our solution embraces the open standard Scalable Video Codec (SVC) and cascaded media architecture, resulting in 2-3 times less bandwidth usage than competitive solutions.

Video conferencing has been around in the enterprise for over a decade, but hidden behind the closed doors of conference rooms, available to the select few. Hindering further practical utilization, the high cost of ownership, bandwidth intensive systems were cumbersome to operate and certainly not designed for the average worker. You may have been there… spending the first 10 minutes of a meeting or more just trying to figure out how to operate the complex remote, or calling a specialist – or just giving up altogether.

According to a survey conducted by Forrester research cost and logistical hurdles are the biggest barriers to adoption.

With the launch of the Avaya Flare and Scopia mobile and desktop clients, the paradigm has shifted! Avaya solution makes video very affordable and easy to use for the mobile enterprise. About 20% of my meetings each week use Scopia virtual video conference rooms, which I simply enter by clicking a link on my PC or iPhone without needing to physically drag myself to the video conference room. In addition, I utilize Flare Experience for iPad and PC with video for about 30% of my one on one and multi-party ad-hoc conversations.

I’m finding myself more engaged and focused during meetings with my colleagues across continents. Admittedly, my obsession with IM and email hasn’t totally been eliminated — but has drastically minimized as I am both watching and being watched. Let’s hear from you how a more engaging experience in everyday meetings can improve your day to day interactions with your employees, partners & customers.


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Praveen Mamnani leads the Mobile Collaboration Solution portfolio in product management. Recently, he drove the innovative Avaya Flare Experience and one-X product lines from concept to market delivery. He is an authentic leader with over 15 years of experience in driving innovative business communication solutions. He has been instrumental in delivering variety of products in the market spanning Unified Communication, IP telephony, CEBP & CTI middleware. He has held various roles within Avaya, Lucent and AT&T including business development, software architect and leading cross location R&D organization. more

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