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Avaya HIMSS it up

This week Avaya has been showcasing new healthcare innovations at the 2012 HIMSS Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, where we’ve been highlighting advancements in mobility, social media and videoconferencing. These Avaya solutions are designed to streamline communications and help improve care across the lifecycle of a patient–from pre-admission, to delivery of treatments, to post-discharge care and follow-up. For example:

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets – and Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad – can help clinicians and nurses improve care on the move by helping prioritize and consolidate call alerts, critical notifications, stat requests, and co-worker messages onto one application on a mobile touchscreen. Users can also see co-worker availability via presence, and contact them via voice or text. Co-workers can more easily respond to text messages by touching the message and launching a phone call. Additionally, pre-configured text messages can be used to speed responses. And, all messages are logged for audit and tracking purposes.

Avaya Social Media Manager helps healthcare professionals use social media to meet new patients and communicate with existing ones in a much more personalized way. Social media posts are monitored, and experts can respond to patients using personalized interactions. Institutions can use this to build more personal connections with prospective patients and refer them to publicly available resources, pre or post-treatment.

Avaya’s Telehealth and Home-Care Delivery solutions use video communications to enable home care nurses and rural hospital workers to gain fast access to specialists and physicians located anywhere using video.

And, Avaya just announced it has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 Customer Value Enhancement Award for delivering superior customer communications to healthcare customers using unified communications (UC). For more details on Avaya activities and demos at HIMSS, click here.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Avaya Mobile Activity Assistant accelerates our communications, and ultimately improves patient satisfaction. By giving our nurses a way to consolidate all of their alerts in one device–and display them in an organized and prioritized way–they can attend to critical issues first, and then communicate directly with patients if necessary. This is a vast leap ahead of the days when most communications was handled via the nurse station, slowing things down. Now, Avaya mobility gives us fast, direct and simplified collaboration amongst all healthcare personnel–from nurses to therapists to physicians–which delivers productivity and cost-saving benefits. This includes reducing a patient’s length-of-stay, since coordination and administration is streamlined. Simply put, this makes patients happier and saves us money.”

–Paul Jones, director of technology services, Parkview Health, Inc.

“Avaya is focused on helping healthcare providers use communications solutions to improve patient experiences and outcomes, while reducing the cost of care. Our continuous concentration on customer needs was recently validated with a Value Enhancement Award from Frost and Sullivan for Avaya’s UC solutions in healthcare.”

–Sanjeev Gupta, general manager, Avaya Healthcare Solutions.

And finally, here are some pics from the trade show floor:

Sanjeev Gupta, General Manager, Avaya healthcare solutions, stands next to a sign highlighting an award from Frost and Sullivan for superior delivery of communications solutions to healthcare companies.

Diane Shanahan, Account Manager at Avaya, demonstrates Avaya Mobile Activity Assistant and secure mobility solutions from Avaya DevConnect partner MobileIron.

Avaya’s Alon Waks (forefront) and Rob Gramiak demonstrate Social Media Manager for the healthcare industry at HIMSS solutions to healthcare companies.

Jay Barta is the former Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Avaya. He has more than 20 years experience in communications and holds a B.A. in Journalism from Texas State University. Jay is currently a member of the Dallas Cowboys Statistician Crew for the NFL. more