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Dilbert and the Grandpa Box

I don’t know anyone in a technical field or role who doesn’t enjoy the cartoon Dilbert. I actually had a chance to interact with Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, when he was an actual engineer working for Pacific Bell, became a fan of Dilbert, and have followed the comic since its very early days.

Earlier this week, Scott published the following strip:

After I stopped chuckling, I thought “Hey, wait a minute – this is perfect for promoting our IT Expo Avaya Technology on Tap event.”

We’ve been sponsoring the kickoff to IT Expo for 5 years now, and this years’ theme actually builds upon those of last two years.

We started with a discussion of how social media was penetrating the enterprise by Paul Dunay, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, and demonstrated Avaya technology that integrated communications into Facebook years before Facebook began delivering such functionality themselves (and our software also addressed contact center integration, something Facebook hasn”t yet tackled).

Last year, Paul Pugh of frog design spoke on The Future of Work, painting a vision of how design and enterprise software and applications would change the workplace itself. Our follow up’s included introducing the Avaya Flare Experience and Avaya Desktop Video Device, as well as exploring how the contact center architecture would turn to a more collaborative experience by placing the customer at the center of a model more akin to conference calls with enterprise agents and experts than the current “transfer-from-desk-to-desk” model.

This year, our theme this year is all about the Millennial Generation, and how they will challenge the enterprise IT organization (if not the whole of the enterprise itself, from human resources through to procurement and sourcing organizations) to rethink how they serve Gen-Y individuals as both employees and customers.

We have a great keynote speaker, Stuart Beame, who’ll draw upon his call center and training experience from the higher education market (as well as from his own personal experiences raising two Millennial Generation sons) to give first-hand insight into the mindset and behaviors of Gen-Y.

And we’ll follow this up with additional information on how Avaya solutions such as our Social Media Manager and web.alive (recently named TMC’s 2010 Communications Solution of the Year) can help enterprises adjust and serve this audience more effectively.

So, as Asok the Intern might say, grab your “grandpa box” and come join us in Austin, Texas for Avaya Technology On Tap on September 12.

Jon Alperin leads the Avaya DevConnect program--Avaya's global developer and technology partner program--leveraging a background as an application developer, solution architect, and product manager for the telecom and high-tech industries. Since joining Avaya in 2001, he has also supported the company with roles in corporate strategy, marketing and alliance development. more

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